About Passion Day

About Passion Day

Passion Day

Passion Day, the second weekend in November, is a day in which people the world over celebrate their passion for life.

For many people, being passionate means doing something they always wanted to do, but never dared.  Some may choose the one thing they love the most, but on Passion Day they immerse themselves in it deeper than ever before.   For some individuals, being passionate is to wear something special.   Others  write a passionate letter.  People  come together to celebrate being alive, express mutual love, or just have fun.  Some people may choose to celebrate this day by doing something special for their community.  The ways to celebrate passion are infinite.

Passion Day Goals and Objectives

The immediate objective of Passion Day is to build a groundswell of awareness about passion, and to encourage people to explore their own inner passion.  The ultimate goal is to create a passionate global consciousness, where people feel they are free to express and live up to their authentic highest values.

Researching Passion

Passion University identifies trends and quantify several specific characteristics of passionate living. Please participate in the study by sending feedback and ideas about passion, using a short survey.

Understanding Passion

Passion is a balanced flow of energies – spiritual, mental, emotional, sensual, somatic, social, and environmental.  When these channels open and freely flow, we each move closer to fulfilling our unique purpose in life.  Fulfillment brings about the highest form of joy and satisfaction, which in turn leads to a healthier body and mind.

Obstacles to Living Passionately

Many teachers and parents condition children to conform rather than express themselves.  The numbing dictums put upon the young mind are carried into adulthood; consequently, people gradually lose touch with their natural, inner passion.  The channels for experiencing joyful living eventually dry up. Typical symptoms of repressed passion include frustration, apathy, depression, and physical sickness.  While some people are just numb, most are passionate in some areas but neglect the others.  The challenge is to maintain a healthy and invigorating balance in all areas of life.

Passion Day is sponsored by Passion University, San Francisco, California. Passion University is dedicated to education and research that promote passionate living.