The past year has brought into light critical challenges in all aspects of ourselves, society and environment. Passion University is dedicated to provide the needed academic resources and community support. In particularly, we need to transition from centralized, hierarchical and focused specializations, to dynamic networks of holistic collaborations.

The University’s Holistic Health Programs are aligned with these principles. Our goal is to prepare the next generation of professional who can address these challenges. You can join this transformation through Passion’s outreach of educational programs and resources. Learn, live your passion and promote global wellness.

With Passion,

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Passion Training

Learn and Practice how to Live your Passion
Embark on your journey for passionate living today! This multi-dimensional program provides you with abundant resources and guidance to move you forward into the life you want. At the convenience of your home, your time, and your own pace.

  • Charge yourself with energy and vitality
  • Enjoy peace of mind
  • Get into shape
  • Align your career path with your passion
  • Balance all areas of your life
  • Daily practices for mind-body workouts
  • Personal guidance and support forum

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Holistic Health Programs

Interdisciplinary Academic Programs
Passion’s holistic approach to health integrates mind, body, spirit, relationships and environment. Traditional fitness trainers can expand their practice through the program’s modules on nutrition & hygiene, stress management, yoga & meditation, breathwork, dance & movement, and emotional health tools. More ›