Tantra Teacher Training

Tantra & Sexuality

The art of Tantra is creating a balance of your inner fire. Fuel your fire and enjoy it, without getting burned. You can move sexual energy, maintain it in lasting bliss without flushing it out, and let it enliven your entire being. Learn how to master sensual energy flows and gain new levels of connection within your self and in relationship to others.

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are based on awareness to self and others and clear communications. In this program students learn how to be aware of their own needs and desires, communicate them to their partners, listen and align with their intentions, and practice loving and intimate relationships.

Certified Tantra Teacher (CTT)

The Tantra Teacher Training is a thorough preparation to teach individuals and couples how to practice healthy and fulfilling sexual relationships with their partners. The program encompasses multiple areas of study that cover the foundations of Tantra, with emphasis on Passion Training and mind-body integration.

Certificate Requirements (40 units)

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