Bman: Community




By creating Passion Temple we form a community of like-hearted women and men who serve society at large. We actively create our Burning Man experience with our pre-event preparations. We gather at parties, beach burns, and outdoor adventures.

We share our visions, support each other’s dreams, plan and exchange ideas, create and practice together, inspire and learn from each other, and coordinate our projects and resources.

At BMan we cooperate to build our camp and manifest our plans. We operate the temple and share the satisfaction of seeing our guests having the time of their life.

We share resources, individual camping area, and a communal kitchen. When we go out on adventures and explore BMan’s other camps, it’s nice to come back to our cozy home and supportive family.

We care for each other, and develop close-knit relationships through working, camping, and enjoying together. Strong friendships are formed, future plans and commitments are made, and as a result, create an on-going community.