Passion Breath

Breath connects the physical with the spiritual. Conscious breathing re-educates the mind and body to acquaint themselves with the underlying dynamic energy cycle in nature. It helps to become in tune with nature’s qualities and their harmonies.

During the journey, we follow the dynamic cycle of Passion Breath to get deeper and deeper into altered states. Flow opens up the energy channels through stretching and widening. Beat creates a monotonous rhythm that enables us to ride on its momentum, expand into Rapture, leave behind the familiar state of mind, and dive into new territories within our psyche. Space brings into quiet meditative states.

One of the benefits of Passion Breath Journeys is expanded awareness and its contribution to healing. In altered states we are not limited by space-time structure of the physical world. It brings new perspective to our dramas, and enrich us with wider variety of options. The quality of our life is directly related to the options that we are aware of when we make decisions. Also, the experience of altered states help us to detach from within the whirlpool of our problems, making it possible to peacefully observe new options and possibilities.

Some Passion Breath Journeys are done with the use of blindfolds. Traditionally, Shamanic rituals were done primarily at night or in dark caves to eliminate external visual stimulations. It helps us to observe the internal processes.

During Passion Breath Journeys there is a gradual disassociation with the ego. After the journey, less of the ego is there and more of the higher self is present. People who practice Passion Breath regularly experience a marked increase in frequency of insight and revelation.