Passion Dance Light

Passion Dance

Shine your Light

The flame of a candle in a dark place is a beautiful sight. Shapes within the flame turn and jump, vibrate and flow, silently and at their own pace. Around them is a halo of light extending far beyond the fire itself, where friends’ faces are visible in a soft golden glow. There is a subtle warmth in the air, and below there may appear comforting sunbursts, or shadows with their borders changing as the light flickers.

The flame does not intend to be beautiful; it does not decide how to move, or judge itself according to others’ reactions. It simply moves as it is, with its own energy.

The flame has no interest in providing light, and makes no commitment to be warm. It is light, and it is warmth.
When we move as we are, with our own energy, our beauty is seen clearly and our purpose is revealed.