How to Dance Your Passion?


Passion Dance practice includes movements, breathwork, and neurosomatics that access your inner passion.

The practice begins with stretching and warm-up, preparing for the essential aspect of Passion Dance: merging with our natural ‘groove’, an effortless state where we surrender to our own inner passion as we dance. It’s simple once you know how to do it; it’s easy if you just let it happen. We don’t need to do much.

It’s a meditation in motion. Observing our breath and body as we dance, and letting our energy channels open. Flowing with the river of our life. As we observe the river, we let our mind and body surf on its waves, and as we relax into it, surf the waves of our own consciousness.

Doesn’t make sense? Well, that’s the point: getting beyond making sense, so our mind is not interfering with the authentic expression of our inner passion. When our passion flows freely, we experience what we don’t usually allow to happen during ordinary states.

Occasionally we use blindfolds to bring the attention inside and connect deeper with our inner reality. We learn how to witness our being, and distinguish between our own authentic self, and external stimulations. This is what we mean by ‘finding yourself.’

The individual journeys inward are integrated as we join together, alive and open, and share our hearts with the community. This nurturing intimacy nourishes our body and spirit with love and comfort. After the journey most people feel rejuvenation, inner peace, passion and awakened stillness that may last for hours or days. Regular practice of Passion Dance brings these qualities permanently into our daily activities.

How does your authentic self want to dance? How beautiful are you, really? Come find out, and share it with us.