Passion Dance Meditation

Passion Dance

Dynamic Meditation

In some practices the body remains still, but yoga and dance can also be meditative experiences. Moving meditation allows us to let the body’s movement merge with breath, being directed by it, so that to observe one is to observe the other.

Being present with your breath, you will usually notice it becoming deeper and expanding more as you relax. When you are doing yoga or dance as a meditative practice, allow your body to let go of tightness and tension; in this way, expand progressively with each exhalation.

Let your entire physical being open. Take up space; let everything stretch from the core of your body through the very tips of your fingers and toes. Imagine the pores of your skin opening, breathing, releasing whatever blockages and pollutants may be there, and taking in clean, fresh air in their place. If you’re already well acquainted with your body, notice the subtleties of vital energy flowing through it. Let everything circulate. You don’t have to be stuck or blocked anymore.