Holistic Fitness

Passion Dance is a mind-body workout. It’s a dynamic meditation using breath, movement, ritual, and ecstatic vibrations through the chakras and the body’s energy channels.

The gradual progress of a typical workout enables you to become warm, fluid, energetic, and feel alive. Surrender to your breath, leave behind judgments, and let the body burst out of your skin in a wild dance.

Passion Dance is a spiritual practice where you breathe bliss here and now. Using Passion Breath you open your energy channels and let your spirit and emotions flow freely. It takes you beyond ordinary mind-body states into an experiential journey, connecting with your subconscious mind, inner beauty, subtle feelings, clear awareness, authentic passion, and spiritual essence.

In Passion Dance you can re-enact your dramas, have a great laughter or cry, letting it all out, and feel light, clear, and serene. This is healing. You can also move beyond your stories and witness how their impacts melt away.

Passion Dance is an experience from the inside out. You feel that your whole being is dancing and celebrating your beauty. In passion dance you do not have to follow specific steps. You have complete freedom of movement to express yourself.

Mind and body unite with feelings.
Feelings and voice merge in breath.
Breath and motion melt into passion.